Are you ready to discover a whole new way of being in the world?

Anita Mischuk teaches Contemporary Alexander Technique: a practical, kinesthetic, hands-on study of our innate design for movement. AT supports our habits of awareness and response. It fosters our ability to make new choices. 

Whether you are an athlete, a musician, a professional who works with your hands, or simply someone with a curious mind, this work can help you discover more EASE, grace, comfort, strength, excellence, and flexibility as your body learns to replace unhelpful ingrained habits with harmonious self-carriage.

Reduce pain, let go of stress, increase mobility, hone a skill, or simply explore.

The Alexander Technique is great for high-performing individuals who are looking to deepen or bring their performance and results to the next level. This work is for anyone in any craft whose body accumulates stress.  Anita has worked with physical therapists, massage therapists, desk-workers, public speakers, dental hygienists, musicians, pregnant women, athletes, horse riders, and people simply looking for ease in everyday activities. You can enhance the quality of your life by sparking self-awareness and increasing coordination and flexibility, all through learning new habits of mobility and thought.

If you're wondering if AT can help you, the answer is yes!

The best way to understand AT is to experience it first-hand. Each session is highly tailored and unique.

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I am so glad that I have found Anita and discovered the Alexander Technique. Anita has such a gentle, wise touch and a positive, vibrant and kind personality. She helped me gain awareness and ease to move my body. I am in awe about the wisdom to heal one’s body the Alexander teachings have given me. I have less pain physically and am able to notice and manage stress better since I received lessons from Anita.
Angelika K

Groups who particularly benefit from AT include:


Musicians and Educators

Musicians and educators study Contemporary AT to improve sound, ease, and confidence, to prevent or recover from injury, and to reduce performance anxiety. Educators use tools to enrich their teaching.


Athletes learn to increase their performance through efficient movement. This reduces effort while decreasing the risk of injury.


Companies benefit in many ways by implementing AT. In studies, it has been shown that AT reduces work hours lost to illness and accidents, which lowers employment insurance cost. AT helps with stress management, improves public speaking, concentration, creativity, work performance, teamwork, and the cost-profit relationship.

Office Workers

People who work in offices use AT to learn to sit comfortably at their desk and use their computers while reducing strain from repetitive stress.

Pregnant Individuals

AT helps pregnant individuals with finding balance and reducing discomfort in their constantly changing bodies. New parents use AT to learn how to hold their babies in ways that support the developing infant/parent connection while reducing physical stress.

Body Workers, Somatic Practitioners, Healers

Body workers study AT to learn tools for efficient use of their bodies as they work with their clients, to be comfortable and at ease in their bodies as they do their work, and to augment their hands-on skills. 


Seniors study AT to improve balance and range of motion.


Caregivers learn to take care of themselves while they take care of others. AT reduces stress and increases self-awareness.

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